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CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses on the management of business's interaction with current and prospective customers. CRM utilizes data analytics about customers' interactions with the company to continually improve business relationships. The goal of a well architected CRM solution is to retain and enhance relationships with current customers while ultimately driving sales growth.

An important characteristic of a CRM is the systems of CRM that aggregate data from a range of different communication channels such as a company's website, social media, voice/telephone, email, live chat as well as marketing collateral and other print and multi-media marketing and advertising. The true benefits of the CRM solution, to include the systems used to facilitate it, culminate in businesses gaining better insight into their target markets from both a strategic and tactical perspective.  

Attentis Advisors specializes in crafting CRM solutions that are specific to each business. Our proven Program structured approach is customized for each project/engagement which provides our clients with peace of mind that our resources are executing established processes that have been adapted to seamlessly integrate into your business’s operations, processes and culture.